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Switchboard Upgrades Brisbane Electrician

Need a switchboard upgrade for your Brisbane home or premises?

The switchboard acts like a central hub of your entire electrical system, and all of the power in your home can be switched off and on through it. Since it distributes electricity from a provider to all your appliances, outlets, air conditioning, lighting and other, it is very important it complies with the latest electrical standards and can support the amount of power you are using.


What Are the Signs You Might Need a Switchboard Upgrade?

There are plenty of things that can indicate that something is wrong with your switchboard. Make sure you call our Brisbane master electricians so we can source the problem and get it sorted asap,at a time that suits you best. Issues that may indicate you have a problem with your switchboard include:

Power cuts out or short-circuits

This is one of the most common signs that you are in a need of an urgent switchboard upgrade. Signs to look for include flickering lights or the power cutting out when you switch on an electrical item.

You Don’t Have a Safety Switch

If you have an old house and your switchboard has rewireable fuses instead of circuit breakers, you need a switchboard upgrade sooner rather than later. Rewireable fuses constitute a significant fire hazard

Professional Brisbane Electricians for High-Quality Switchboard Upgrades

Our staff are all qualified and fully-licensed Brisbane electricians who can take care of all your electrical needs with ease. We will provide a professional service, detecting and resolving any issues related to your switchboard other parts of your electrical system.

Switchboard Upgrades Brisbane For Commercial Properties

Our services are not limited to residential properties only. Over the past years, we have successfully performed switchboard upgrades for commercial premises and businesses across Brisbane. Give us a call today on 1300 591 734 to quote your commercial switchboard upgrade project!